There are some hard core Scottish Time Triallists out there!
Fourteen, to be precise, a genuinely impressive number for what was effectively a winter TT.
As I looked out of my window I felt fortunate to be off injured as the snow fell and the freezing north westerly kept temperatures barely above freezing.
Massive respect and well done to each one of you, and to the marshals who must have had a less than pleasant evening – the rain-soaked time sheet tells the tale. 🥶
Re-sorted times are as follows.
Nathan Beard 24:36
Dave Stocker 24:46
Duncan McLeod 25:05
Neil Shepherd 25:21
Andrew Howett 26:02
Andy Painting 26:05 RB
Andrea Pogson 26:45
Martin Smith 27:08
Jacob Wall 27:37 RB
Russell Carson 27:38
Allan Dawson 28:11 RB
Oisin Beard 28:37 RB
Tony Westbury 29:01 RB
Graham Pogson 29:28 RB