Confined Time Trial Rules

1. Only riders who are paid up members of Gala Cycling Club will be permitted to race, with the exception of invitees, who are permitted (and insured) to race in two time trials before they become members.
2. Each race starts at the time stated for that race in the Club Membership Card or at such other time as the General Committee may decide.
3. There will be a maximum of 25 riders per event.
4. Proof of adequate insurance cover for racing shall be produced to the General Secretary, Racing Secretary or Timekeeper before any rider will be permitted to race. Membership of all British Cycling members is processed through the General Secretary, and Silver or Gold British Cycling membership, held in the name of Gala CC, will be deemed sufficient proof of insurance cover.
5. All competitors shall pay a fee of £1 per race, excepting youth riders, who pay 50p.
6. To qualify for a time trial based Club Championship a competitor must ride in at least eight Club events.
7. Any colour of skin suit or jersey may be worn, provided it does not infringe national rules.
8. Riders must be on the start line at the time allocated.
9. Numbers must be worn when racing.
10. Marshals must wear marshal safety vests.
11. Competitors must ride alone and unassisted.
12. When a rider is caught they must drop back twenty yards behind the rider who has caught them.
13. Complaints and disputes shall be put in writing and lodged with the Racing Secretary within seven days. These will be dealt with by the General Committee.
14. Riders who have finished shall keep clear of Timekeepers while the race is in progress.
15. Times will be announced at the end of the race.