Last Wednesday’s Ice Age thankfully gave way to double figure temperatures tonight.
The threatening sky managed to keep its moisture to itself and, with virtually no wind, the 15 riders were blessed with very good racing conditions.
Some excellent times reflected this, with the top 4 going under 24, in Joe’s case by 59 seconds, with a superb 23:01.
Nathan and Neil were split by only three seconds and Duncan put in another great ride very close behind.
Jacob rode an excellent race to win the Road Bike crown, in a fast 26:15.
Oisin, riding Dad Nathan’s road bike, was a DNS when the rear derailleur randomly snapped off just before the start; bad luck Oisin!
It was great to see another good turnout including a full complement of marshals to which, once again, we give our sincere thanks for sacrificing your time so generously and allowing it all to happen!
23:01 Joe Agnew
23:38 Nathan Beard
23:41 Neil Shepherd
23:54 Duncan MacLeod
25:10 Ross Ketteridge
25:28 Dave Stocker
25:38 Andrew Howett
26:15 Jacob Wall (Road Bike)
27:04 Russell Carson
27:05 Richard Moore (RB)
27:19 Martin Smith
27:27 Tim Shimwell
27:34 Allan Dawson (RB)
28:33 Tony Westbury (RB)
DNS Oisin Beard