13 racers lined up in the warm sunshine and enjoyed an ego-massage for the first three or four miles, being pushed along to high average speeds by a brisk westerly. The return leg accordingly rewarded us all with a speed-sapping headwind and the first timers were treated to the peculiar delights of the last 2 miles of uphill headwind!!

Great to see some new faces (Ross Chapman and Jamie McGowan) and a returning one (Craig Forsyth) and a big mention for Oisin Beard, doing his first 10TT at age 11 and posting a 31:49, well done you, Oisin!

Thanks as always to the marshals and support team and my sincere apologies for forgetting the milk for my back-of-the-van cafe!


Ross Ketteridge 24:25 TT
Neil Shepherd 25:06 RB
Andrew Howett 25:20 TT
Ross Chapman 26:01 TT
Graeme Lawrie 26:11 RB
Jamie McGowan 26:19 TT
Russell Carson 26:21 TT
Martin Smith 27:14 TT
Alan Dawson 27:47 RB
Craig Forsyth 27:58 TT
Richard Minnikin 28:38 RB
Julia Grierson 29:06 RB
Oisin Beard 31:49 RB