What a fantastic way to end a brilliant racing season!
Nathan noted that the temperature this evening, the last TT of the season, was 23 degrees higher than the opening event back in early spring, when there was actually snow on the ground and shivering people wandering around dressed in skinsuits, close to hypothermic!
On a warmer note, another weather record was broken today. Charterhall, in the Borders, saw 28.6C, the highest recorded September temperature in Scotland for 115 years.
Conditions don’t come much better for time trialling, the warmth being accompanied by virtually no wind.
The course record stayed intact, however, despite Joe’s superb 11:01, so, so close to a sub eleven!
The following times were very close indeed, with Neil and Duncan breathing down Joe’s neck in second and third.
Well done all fifteen riders, it was eyeballs out all the way, regardless of how many minutes it took each of us to ride it.
Massive thanks to the marshaling and timekeeping team for another whole season of selflessly donating their precious time just so that we can race our bikes, rain or shine!
Big thanks to all the riders for turning up week after week in all weathers!
Rather appropriately, I bumped into Rob as I drove out. He was out for a ride. In 2015 he rode this course in 10:22. Come on you guys: 2022, must try harder! 😂
11:01 Joe Agnew
11:04 Neil Shepherd
11:08 Duncan MacLeod
11:29 Nathan Beard
11:49 John MacLeod
12:02 Ross Ketteridge
12:15 Alistair Woodhead
12:35 Jeremy Weston
12:37 Johnny Owen
12:52 Allan Dawson
12:52 Martin Neil Smith
12:54 Russell Carson
13:36 Andrew Howett
14:01 Tony Westbury
14:26 Jane Dennyson