It was a thin turnout for such a perfect night, which I’m hoping was not a result of the last-minute change of course for tonight’s 10.

It was around 3pm that Chris got the message to Bill that there were road works on the Maxton course.

I was writing the Facebook post advising the change of course while picking the kids up at 3:15. We acted as quickly as we could, but we appreciate that some may have missed it, so I sincerely apologise if you went to Maxton.
We’re looking at alternative (better) methods of such communication, although if you’re reading this, you’ll be one of the Facebook readers.

So we decamped to Selkirk for a Bridgehaugh 10.
Conditions were perfect for the nine riders, being warm and humid with negligible wind.

It was my first shot on this course (I missed the sub-zero Arctic edition a few weeks ago!) and it was hard not to be impressed.
Apart from a short section by the bridge heading to Gala, the tarmac was as smooth as you will get on any TT course anywhere, never mind in the pothole-strewn Borders.
I think SBC must’ve blown their annual roads budget in 2020 just on this stretch of road because it really is lovely.

Arran had the misfortune to not only miss the TT but to have loaned his bike to Neil who only went and did a course record at 21:37, beating Arran’s PB!

Seriously though, Neil, that was a fantastic race you did tonight, very well done!
Joe wasn’t far off, in a great second place 21:52, with Nathan third in 23:05.
Well done to Scott, racing in only his second TT, on the sole road bike of the day, taking 4 minutes off his 10 PB!

Thanks as always to the able team of marshals and time keeper – well done Kenny for dealing with the traffic issue just as Joe was about to set off!

Here are the times.
21:37 Neil Shepherd
21:52 Joe Agnew
23:05 Nathan Beard
23:14 Duncan MacLeod
23:49 Ross Ketteridge
25:39 Andrew Howett
26:01 Russell Carson
26:10 Martin Neil Smith
34:08 Scott Clifford (Road Bike)