Another lovely dry summer evening greeted eleven competitors for the penultimate race of the season, the Stow Hillclimb.
Joe won it convincingly in 3:41, only 13 seconds away from the all-time course record.
The next five riders, starting with Arran in 3.56, were separated by a total of only 19 seconds – great close racing!
It was excellent to see that three of these (Alistair, John and Johnny) were racing their first Gala CC TT, coming just outside the top three spots, having a brilliant battle of their own, with only three seconds between their trio of times. Welcome to all of you, what a fantastic way to introduce yourselves!
Well done everyone, it’s possibly the most deeply painful race of the season – I think I had something of a let-off when my wife had to work and I couldn’t race!
Thank you once again to the marshals and time keeper, without whose voluntary time and effort this wee classic would not happen, nor any TTs!
So, to the times….
Joe Agnew 0:03:41
Arran Gannicott 0:03:56
Neil Shepherd 0:04:00
Alistair Woodhead 0:04:12
John MacLeod 0:04:14
Johnny Owen 0:04:15
Duncan MacLeod 0:04:25
Jeremy Weston 0:04:33
Andrew Howett 0:04:50
Russell Carson 0:05:54
Martin Neil Smith 0:06:27