What a fantastic last TT of the season, the best turnout all year, a big thank you to all 18 who came and raced!

Conditions were pretty good for a September event: mild, dry and sunny although a pesky westerly made the first two sections of road a bit more of an ordeal than usual. Mind you, despite the headwind, how nice was that new super-smooth tarmac on the drag up to the Kingsknowes roundabout?

The bumpy climb up the back road had a tailwind of sorts although the trees masked most of it, so all in all, not what you would call a classic fast night.

Arran, however, well and truly ambushed it on his first shot on the course, with a superb 10:51, followed by Neil with a course PB of 11.32. In fairness to Nathan, his third place of 11:57 involved being stuck for a while behind a slow lorry, so kudos for still posting a sub 12!

Special mentions to Jane Dennyson on her first TT at Gala, Oisin for another strong ride, and Richard Moore for a solid return after an enforced absence, well done all!


Arran Gannicott 10:51
Neil Shepherd 11:32
Nathan Beard 11:57
Ross Ketteridge 12:05
Joe Agnew 12:11
Graeme Lawrie 12:46 RB
Jeremy Weston 12:53
Richard Moore 13:06 RB
Allan Dawson 13:10 RB
Russell Carson 13:27
Tony Westbury 13:27
Craig Forsyth 13:38
Richard Minnikin 13:39 RB
Grace Inglis 14:02 RB
Julia Grierson 14:08 RB
Bob Stevens 14:30 RB
Jane Dennyson 14:43 RB
Oisin Beard 15:10 RB