Here are the results from tonight’s 5 mile TT, on a cool, dry and windless night

Well done Arran on a blistering time for the win, I’ll check how it stands against the current course record!

Well done to Richard Minnikin and Julia Grierson on a great close-contested race in the road bike category too.

Ross Ketteridge
Neil Shepherd
Andrew Howett 11:59 TT
Ross Chapman
Graeme Lawrie
Jamie McGowan
Russell Carson 12:41 TT
Martin Smith 12:44 TT
Alan Dawson 13:05 RB
Craig Forsyth 13:50 TT
Richard Minnikin 13:38 RB
Julia Grierson 13:44 RB
Oisin Beard 15:45 RB
Nathan Beard
Jeremy Weston 12:22 TT
Tony Westbury 13:11 TT
Sarah Chapman
Gordon Dalgleish
George Hume 15:17 RB
Murray Shiels
Arran Gannicott  11:16 TT
Julian Howell