The Stow Hill Climb Course Record has fallen after 42 years!!
Of all the Gala CC course records, surely the 1980 Stow Hill Climb record of 3:28 by Alan Kennedy was the purest and the hardest to beat.
Just human and bike vs gravity.  No advantage from expensive aero gear.
Two thirds of a mile of perhaps the most painful uphill experience available in the Borders
Many of us have tasted our lungs and collapsed on the verge, light-headed, after the finish, but none has beaten Alan’s amazing record – a handful have come very close in recent years, notably our Joe – but tonight it finally happened!
Massive congratulations to Jack Moore, knocking a second off the record, coming in with an amazing 3:27 ride, absolutely fantastic!
Joe was an excruciatingly close second place only 5 seconds adrift and some strong times were posted behind these two mountain goats!
What a competition just below this – look at Duncan/Neil/Arran’s times, one second apart – brilliant!
Well done all nine of you riding and thanks as always to the timekeeper and marshals!
03:27 Jack Moore
03:32 Joe Agnew
04:03 Duncan MacLeod
04:14 Arran Gannicott
04:04 Neil Shepherd
04:27 Jeremy Weston
04:31 Andrew Howett
06:27 Russell Carson
06:33 Martin Neil Smith