Sign on
Meet/park in the Layby on the A7 (Southbound) near the start
Please the right money (£2) to pop in the race fees box.
Don’t forget your front and rear lights, please.
Sign on from 6:30pm for a 7:00pm start.
Non-members are very welcome on a free come-and-try basis, as are either road bikes (no TT bars or helmet) and TT bikes.
Hope to see a few there!

There are some additional precautions for marshals, but for competitors specifically, the key points for you to note are as follows.

  1. If you feel unwell in any way, please do not come and race. Stay at home and get a test if symptoms suggest possible Covid.
  2. Remember that the sensitivity of the general public (including your fellow competitors and marshals) currently ranges from relaxed to paranoid. Let’s respect those at the sensitive end of the scale by showing them that, as a club, Gala CC is being careful, respectful of others’ feelings and compliant with social-distancing rules.
  3. On arrival, find a suitable place to park and do not congregate in a group to chat. It’s fine to use the layby as normal, for example, but get yourself ready, say a quick hello and get away on your bike.
  4. When you’re warming up, make sure you feel okay and if in any doubt as to whether you’re feeling 100% well, the same rule as 1 above applies.
  5. For sign-on, queue at the appropriate spacing dictated by Govt guidelines, give your name to the starter and pop the right money (£2) into the plastic box, and take your allocated number from the pile.  These will be steralised once handed back, and ready for use again next week.
  6. At the start line, we have previously tended to congregate some way from the start and formed a second queue of varying numbers of riders close to the start line. In the “new normal” TT, we will continue to warm up until close to our start time and be advised (dependent on the course and its safe-space availability) to form a start-line queue of “x” number of riders, suitably spaced per distancing guidelines.
  7. For your actual start, the normal countdown will take place but the luxury of the “holder-upper” will not be available. It will be a solo standing start, so slick clipping-in will become a new essential skill!

Your following of the above advice is much appreciated.  Go and smash it!