Following the guidance update from the Scottish Government yesterday, Scottish Cycling have had a high number of emails regarding what this now means for organised sport.

The updated routemap here, clearly states – the changes to meeting socially do not apply to services or activities that are already exempt from these restrictions and have been permitted to open subject to their own guidance such as organised sport.

Sportscotland have confirmed this today, so we can continue to run our activities in line with the previous guidance published on the 24th August.

The key points now which will be reinforced are:

  • The wider social rules apply before and after club activity. Clubs must reinforce to members that this means a maximum of 6 people from 2 households, indoors and outdoors. This also applies to cafe stops, so please consider this when planning club activities. 
  • It is more important than ever that sport demonstrates to the Scottish Government that we are committed to running our activities within the agreed guidance.

Scottish Cycling have today (and previously) emphasised to sportscotland that this exemption to organised sport needs to be more clearly communicated by Government, to ensure that clubs are not confronted by members of the public, who may rightly think, that we are not complying with the government guidance.