In my experience, riding the Maxton 10 course in a south westerly is a recipe, on the return leg, for the deepest pain and the slowest speeds. Not so for Joe and others who gritted their teeth and posted times more often seen on windless summer days!
Here’s Joe’s report:
“The forecast was grim at best, with 20mph winds on the cards and heavy rain on and off all day and closing in fast on the 7 of us who were brave (or daft) enough to converge at Maxton for the first 10 miler of the year.
An outward leg that saw riders top out at over 40mph in some cases, made it a case of trying to keep something in the tank for the way back. The cross wind was also strong in exposed sections, meaning we needed to be alert to the dangers of the night as well.
We were without a turning marshal at the water tower, but, Duncan having checked Strava meticulously, we all turned within a few metres of each other, except for Neil, who seemed to want to add an extra hundred metres to his ride!
The return leg was as hard as the outward leg was easy, although we all just about made it in time for the heavens to open and the biblical rain to fall as we were jumping in our cars and dashing off home.
A massive thanks to David and Kenny for coming out and braving the elements for us, and well done to Russell, Jeremy, Steven and Andy for their rides too”
Times are as follows:
22:48 Joe Agnew
23:10 Duncan MacLeod
24:01 Neil Shepherd
26:33 Jeremy Weston
27:16 Andrew Howett
27:33 Steve Lowes
28:29 Russell Carson