It wasn’t looking good. After a day of heavy showers, the weather forecasts leading up to this evening promised rain and thunderstorms.

As it happened, the sky cleared, the sun came out and the wind dropped to a light NNE which I have a feeling may be one of the best wind directions for this course, as the headwind on the outward leg is shielded by the hedgerows on your left.

And a bit of a tailwind is always a welcome helping hand up the last 2 mile Ramp Of Pain!

So, the times…..


Nathan Beard 23:32
Ross Ketteridge 23:46 (Course PB)
Neil Shepherd 23:56 (Course PB)
Graeme Lawrie 24:44
Jeremy Weston 25:00
Jamie McGowan 25:14
Joe Agnew 25:23 (RB)
Craig Forsyth 26:21
Steven Lowes 26:37
Richard Moore 26:45 (RB)
Russell Carson 27:03
Tim Shimwell 27:34 (RB)