Someone must have said some sort of prayer this evening because that black sky was holding onto a good few hundred tonnes of rain, all of which miraculously stayed locked up in the sky.
The road was actually wet from a recent shower for the first two or three miles but it was reasonably mild and completely windless, so pretty close to ideal conditions.
Fourteen riders raced the course – it was great to see another good turnout.
In the top 3, Dave logged a course PB in 24:14, Neil was just ahead on 24:10 and Joe again went tantalisingly close to sub 23 with his win in 23:04.
In the road bike category tonight, Jacob grabbed the top spot in an excellent 25:43.
A “Welcome back” to Jeremy, first TT since the broken scapula healed up!
Thanks then to the weather Gods and of course to our legendary marshaling and timekeeping crew – nice to see Christine back in stopwatch action!
Times as follows.
23:04 Joe Agnew
24:10 Neil Shepherd
24:14 Dave Stocker (Course PB)
24:19 Duncan MacLeod
24:53 Ross Ketteridge
25:43 Jacob Wall (Road Bike)
26:00 Jamie McGowan
26:09 Andrew Howett
26:36 Russell Carson
26:39 Martin Neil Smith
26:47 Jeremy Weston
26:54 Allan Dawson (Road Bike)
27:15 Richard Moore (Road Bike)
27:22 Oisin Beard