A last minute roadworks-induced venue change from Bridgehaugh to Maxton for this week’s TT coincided with a more normal westerly wind direction, so the racers were once again treated to headwind hell on their return legs. At least the sun shone.
Arran pipped Joe for the win by 6 seconds, with Duncan just 5 seconds back – a great close race!
Duncan logged more PBs, he just keeps getting faster!
Despite the pesky cold westerly, the top three still managed a remarkable 23mph average on the return leg, uphill into the block headwind, but everyone suffered the same.
Great to see Tony in action, testing his lovely new hip joints!
Joe won the prize for the max speed on the outward leg.
40mph on the aero bars must have been exciting, Joe! (Strava, thanks for the data)
Well done all 13 riders – a great turnout – and big thanks as always to timekeeper and marshal (or was it just Kenny on his own this week?).
Next week’s race is the Hawick round of the Border Trophy on Thursday.
Here are the times:
22.45 Arran Gannicott
22.51 Joe Agnew
22.56 Duncan MacLeod
23.15 Neil Shepherd
23.29 Benjamin Johnston
26.23 Andrew Howett
26.43 Jeremy Weston
26.57 Steve Lowes
27.20 George Johnston
27.54 Russell Carson
28.02 Martin Neil Smith
28.18 Allan Dawson
29.40 Tony Westbury