So, Round One of the Gordon Rout hilly TT completed.
Well done to all eighteen riders racing this evening, with a 50:50 split between TT bikes and Road Bikes.
Great to see all the new riders’ names on the sheet and bad luck to Gary and Oisin.
I was unable to be there but Russell tells me that despite the mild evening and sunny sky, the northerly headwind provided a tough first section before the road tilted upwards over the Windydoors climb then down the technical and gravel-strewn descent.
Arran took it in a fast time, with Joe remarkably only a half minute behind, given he was on a road bike!
Great ride from Neil to take third.
The TT was followed by Round One of the Freewheel Challenge, results are below.
Thanks again to all the marshals and timekeeper.
Here are the times.
24:52 Arran Gannicott
25:32 Joe Agnew (Road Bike)
26:02 Neil Shepherd
26:41 Charles Fletcher RB
27:03 Duncan MacLeod
27:44 Nathan Beard
28:30 Andy Painting RB
29:27 Allan Dawson RB
29:28 Stephen Marshall RB
29:42 Jeremy Weston
29:52 Andrew Howett
30:29 Russell Carson
31:34 Jacob Wall RB
31:36 Julia Grierson RB
31:36 Grace Norman RB
32:36 Martin Neil Smith
33:34 Tony Westbury
34:25 Richard Minnikin RB
DNF Gary Robson
DNS Oisin Beard


Free-Wheel – Round 1

1st Arran Gannicott
2nd Duncan MacLeod
3rd Gary Robson
Next week we’re back at Maxton for a 10TT.