What a fab TT route, last night! Should make this a regular in our calendar.

Only bugbear were the surprise traffic lights at the far end which significantly impeded Joe Agnew Russell Carson and Tony Westbury.

That was bad luck. But the course is awesome!

Great shout Joe!

Thanks so much to Kenny for time keeping and Scot Purves and Alan for marshalling.

As always, our events could not be run without you. Good to see Rupert Norris at the end, too.

Remember the new rules mean members from other clubs can ride second claim.

Come and join us! 😀

1 Jack Moore 00:26:53
2 Joe Agnew 00:29:03
3 Andrea Pogson 00:34:05
4 Tony Westbury 00:35:28
5 Russell Carson 00:36:34
6 Graham Pogson 00:36:50