Hi everyone, it’s time again for the 2020 season prologue, this coming Sunday!

As before, it’s a road bike only event. I regret to say that despite my intentions to make it an open event, I just haven’t had the time to organise, so I’m afraid it’s a closed event, for Gala CC member only.

We do welcome “come and try it” entries for non-members but these are on a once-only basis, so if you entered in this way last December, then I’m afraid we’re not able to accept the same type of entry this year, although we would of course welcome you to become a member for a very modest sum and enter as a Gala CC member!

Meet in the Maxton Church car park, sign on at 09:30. Weather forecast looks okay at the moment….frost-free at least, which is the main thing to worry about.

I’ll have some mince pies and mulled (alcohol free) wine in the van for afterwards.

I’m volunteering to be pusher off but looking for a timekeeper and marshal for the dead turn. I’ve put the word out to the usual fine people but stand-by people would be good too.

Hope to see you there!